London Tech Jobs

Technical Director

by Mikutech

Location: London, ON
Date Posted: May 19, 2020

Job Description

Technical Director 

Do you put technique into technical direction? You might be our next Micutechnical Director! 

Mikutech is looking to add a versatile and well-versed tech guru who in turn is looking to add to the high-calibre firepower of our notable independent development studio. 

Job Responsibilities 
  • Conduct research and innovate methods to define the technical aspects of a project
  • Work closely with project managers, designers, other directors and the CEO, Mark Mikulec, in setting consistent with technical guidelines
  • Supervise the technical aspects of a project to find areas where product quality might be improved
  • Manage the programming team 
  • Provide expertise in design, programming, debugging and optimization 
  • Mentor less experienced programmers in the art of software and game development
Required Skills and Experience
  • 10+ years' experience in C++, C# or Actionscript 
  • Proficiency in multiple languages including: Javascript and Typescript
  • Shipped 5+ software projects of various technologies over the last 3 years (you were the main technical lead on at least 2) 
  • An almost obnoxious attention to detail for proper coding structures and conventions
  • Knowledge of the technical pipeline and all the processes needed to deliver applications
  • Exceptional leadership, communication and team management skills
  • Exceptional analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Strong end-user focus
  • Experience with game design and alternative realities are a bonus 
Other requirements 
  • Up-to-date resume
  • A link to a portfolio of projects you have lead or participated in 
  • Upon application, you will be contacted to write a short programming test before your interview 
  • Based on experience
About Mikutech / Joydrop 

Mikutech is a full service agency specializing in high-quality custom applications, technical consulting and creative solutions. Joydrop is the brand for all Mikutech's gaming ventures. They were established by Mark Mikulec, a veteran game developer on titles like Warframe and Bioshock, an architect of 3D graphic engines and a visionary who has been at the forefront of VR/AR long before its recent popularity. 

Working at Mikutech, and its gaming brand of Joydrop, means working elbow to elbow with respected industry professionals and up-and-comers in code, art and design. It also means you'll not only be given the chance to show off your expertise and finesse, but learn alongside similarly ambitious people. 

Mikutech is located in London, Ontario. London possesses a large game developer community and is also a great party town. We believe to work hard, you also need to occasionally party even harder. We share our downtown, co-working office with other small companies; we're all doing unique and interesting things and all made up of good people. You'll never experience anything like it (and if you have, you know how great it is!) We'll help you find a place to live in London as well. It's cheaper to live here than in Guelph or Toronto. 

For further information about Mikutech visit or Twitter @MikutechTips 

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