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Back End Cloud Developer (GCP)

by Mikutech

Position Type: Full-time
Location: London, ON
Date Posted: Apr 24, 2021

Job Description


Back End Cloud Developer (GCP)

Think the best Silicon Valley character is Bertram Gilfoyle?
You’ve built your own computer and developed software for it. You love the internet and all it stands for. You
hate inefficiency and waste. You were very excited when you first heard about the cloud. JavaScript is horrible
because it’s one the biggest programming abominations; Javascript is awesome because it allows you to do
powerful things, very, very quickly. And that’s what excites you the most.

Job Responsibilities
We are looking for a Back-end Cloud Developer responsible for the interchange of data between our databases,
servers, administrative tools and users. Our large-scale web-based application runs on the Google Cloud
Platform. You’ll work closely with our IT Cloud Architect on maximizing configurations, and the occasional
architecture design. Additionally, you will be responsible for integrating the application’s front-end elements, so
an adequate understanding of front-end technologies is necessary as well.

Required Skills and Experience
• An innate ability to pick up new languages and technologies quickly
• An almost obnoxious attention to detail for proper programming practices
• Completed and helped maintain and/or scale the back-ends of web-based software
• Comfortable with Visual Studio Code, Node.js with Typescript
• Very comfortable in Linux and Bash Scripting
• Familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform, AWS is a bonus
• Familiarity with RESTful APIs
• Familiarity with modern development of pipelines and tools
• Experience with common web development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
• Familiarity with Docker
• Familiarity with Git
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to translate business requirements into technical requirements

Other Requirements
• Cover letter
• Up-to-date resume
• A link to a portfolio of your coding work (website, blog, github account, etc.) containing source code and
• A transcript (if you are in school or recently graduated within the last two years)
• Upon successful review, you will be contacted to write a short programming test before your interview

• Based on Experience

About Mikutech / Joydrop
Mikutech is a full-service agency specializing in high-quality custom applications, technical consulting and
creative solutions. Joydrop is the brand for all of Mikutech’s gaming ventures. They were established by Mark
Mikulec, a veteran game developer on titles like Dark Sector and Bioshock, an architect of several game and
software as a service web and mobile applications and a visionary who has been at the forefront of VR/AR long
before its recent popularity. Mikutech has developed an extensive client base in the medical, educational, and web
sectors through exceptional coding, focus-tested UI/UX, deep production and design experience, and honest rapport
with new and existing patrons.

Working at Mikutech means working elbow to elbow with respected industry professionals and up-and-comers
in code, production, and design. It also means you’ll not only be given the chance to show off your expertise and
finesse, but learn alongside similarly ambitious people. Right now, we are working on a massive, platform that
could significantly change the culture of the internet. We want to be a part of it... and so do you!
Mikutech is located in the long-time tech hotspot of London, Ontario, home to other high-tech industry stalwarts like
Digital Extremes, IO Industries and Close to major highways, rail-lines, and airports, London provides the
amenities of larger urban centers with less traffic and pollution, and with more affordable housing. We also have a
GREAT hockey team (Go, Knights, go!), tons of great bars and restaurants, and with over 100 nearby courses, is the
golf capital of Canada.
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